Learning Curriculum

We care for children of different ages and plan our curriculum based on their developmental and individual needs.  Our curriculum consists of free play, dramatic play, circle time, art, science, cooking, music, math, and story time. Lessons are planned weekly and monthly with different themes.  We focus a lot of our lessons on our natural environment and art/creativity.  We plan and provide activities that are age appropriate but challenging to encourage growth.

Group activities are planned daily.  Children share free play daily together. Free play is important because children create their own worlds and games without any directions and include everyone. During circle time all the children participate and share songs and lessons. Emotions are new and confusing to children.  We work with children to understand their emotions and positively express them among each other.

We believe encouraging and praising a child will help build a child's self esteem and confidence.  Children are always shown respect and appreciation.

Age Groups


At Tiny Toes, we understand the importance of giving infants the proper care and attention they need.  At this stage a child is so precious and delicate.  During their first year, infants grow and develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively. Throughout the day infants are involved in daily activities such as circle time, music time, story time, and art.  During this stage, infants are forming trusting and loving relationships with family and caregivers.  Infants are cuddled, loved and played with to help them develop socially and emotionally. Everyday, infants are sent home with a report of the times they ate, slept, and had diaper changes. 


The toddler age is so exciting! You hear your child's first words and see their first steps. We encourage toddlers curiosity by planning sensory activities and painting.  At this age your child seeks independence. Toddlers practice how to feed themselves and dress themselves with assistance. To develop hand-eye coordination, we play with blocks and simple puzzles.  Fun, themed, and traditional rhymes and songs are sang daily. Toddlers are now able to follow our learning curriculum and loosely follow the daily schedule. They are also introduced to dramatic play and start using their imagination.


Preschoolers are so much fun!  They have the silliest questions and the funniest stories.  We like to encourage their imagination and create fun dramatic play activities.  Free play is the most important activity of the day.  Preschoolers and children of all ages, discover, imagine, and interact with one another.  They develop socially, emotionally, and mentally.  They play together and create wonderful towers, games, and tea parties.  Children have the opportunity to express themselves through play and learn to value others.  We foster their love for literature by reading, creating our own stories, and acting them out.  To develop respect and care for our natural environment, children spend a lot of time outdoors where they play freely and discover.  Preschoolers garden and grow flowers, vegetables and create bird feeders.  They are introduced to early math, science, writing, and cooking skills. Preschoolers follow our learning curriculum which prepares them educationally  for kindergarten and focuses on life skills.

Steps for Enrollment

Step 1: Set Up a
Site Visit

At Tiny Toes Child Care we require you to schedule an appointment prior to visiting our home day care.

Step 2: Submit Your Enrollment Form

Before your child is officially enrolled, there are several forms that must be filled out and returned before caring for your child.

Step 3: Determine Possible Start Date

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Step 4: Drop Off Forms + Deposit

Deposits to hold enrollment space are detailed in our policies (shown here). Tiny Toes accepts check payments made out to Tiny Toes Child Care.