Paperwork + Policies

Preparing for Tiny Toes

At Tiny Toes Childcare we require you to schedule an appointment prior to visiting our home day care. Before your child's officially enrolled, there are several forms that must be filled out and returned before caring for your child. 

Enrollment Forms: 

Items to bring first day:


Hours of Operation

Monday - Friday          8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Holiday + Vacation Closures

Tiny Toes Childcare is closed for the following paid holidays:

​​*If a holiday falls on a weekend, you will be notified in advance of which day we will be closed. 

Tiny Toes Childcare will close for 14 days per calendar year with at least a four week notice to the families. Tuition is due as scheduled for full or part-time children. 

Emergency Closings

Tiny Toes Childcare will be closed when the Federal Government closes due to an emergency (i.e. snow) there will be no reimbursements.

*Please notify us as soon as you schedule your vacation. Please understand that we do not refund days that are missed for vacation or absences. 


Children must have a current immunization record and examination signed by a physician on file. Immunization records must be updated regularly.  Certificate of Religious Exemption from the Commonwealth of VIRGINIA will be accepted. 

As a provider, I understand and respect your need to work, but for the health and safety of all children, I will not accept a child that is sick. Please keep your child home if (s)he is sick. A child that is sick cannot participate in daily activities and routines and cannot be successful in group care. ​You will be asked to pick up your child or keep your child home if (s)he has the following symptoms: 

​Fever with a temperature over 100 degrees

I will notify all parents within 24 hours if a communicable disease is reported at my child care

*In cases of fever, diarrhea and/or vomiting, the child should not return to care until 24 hours have passed since the last sign of the symptom. 

If you would like to ask a health care professional about an illness or disease, call the Health Department's Epidemiology (EPI) Nurse at (703) 246-2433 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Mondays- Fridays. There is no charge for this service