About Us

Individualized Attention. Group Benefits.

We create a learning curriculum that promotes the necessary development a child needs on a daily/weekly basis. All children participate during circle time, this activity alone encourages all learning skills. Another activity is Art/Science; art like science encourages children to be creative and experiment, as well as use their imagination. Outdoor/gross motor activities are an important daily activity which improves anything from locomotor skills to cardiovascular endurance, balance, riding a bike and crawling. Our read aloud time/titles and props promotes literature, language skills, and fine motor skills using finger plays. For our special activities, we provide cooking experiences, outdoor picnics, and mathematical activities. We also have music time where we love to use instruments, ribbons, costumes or just our bodies and partners. During music time we promote acceptance of different cultures and languages by playing international music and all kinds of American music. Family involvement is encouraged, for example we do ask families to provide materials like toilet paper rolls for crafts, help your child bring an item for show and tell or bring a special book for read aloud time. Also to reach and improve children's learning development, weekly plans are made from prior observations, planned to reach and encourage specific children's goals for development.  


  • Fairfax County Permit
  • CPR Certified
  • First Aid Certified
  • Fire and Rescue Department Safety Certified 
  • Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential
  • Meals served meet nutritional requirements established by the USDA Child Care Food Program

Philosophy, Environment and Nutrition

Our Philosophy

I believe children are the future of our society and have the right to a quality childhood.  One of the many beliefs I have is children are entitled to an accepting environment that responds to and promotes individual capabilities, and respect regardless of a persons health, developmental, economic, social status or cultural background.  Children need to be in an environment surrounded by caring and responsible adults who help them develop self-confidence and reach developmental milestones. To support a child emotionally, you must show them respect and appreciation at all times. As a caregiver I make sure to make children feel safe, secure, and loved by me. I guide children in understanding and expressing their own and others feelings. Throughout the day I promote empathy and generosity. I use caring language and compliment children daily on their accomplishments and skills. I love to display children's art through out the room, to show appreciation and interest in their creativity. The curriculum I offer is made from prior observations and planned to reach and encourage specific children's goals for development. Following a daily schedule makes children feel secure and balanced. 


The learning environment provided for children meets all their learning needs. The daycare room is spacious, comfortable, and very colorful.  The walls are a neutral color covered with educational posters like the alphabet, colors, shapes, and numbers. Most importantly the children's art and work (writing skills) are hung up to show appreciation and value. The room is designed into centers (drama, toddler material, blocks, and art) with appropriate sized furniture. The room is divided into areas to encourage less disruption and more focus. Toys are all placed on low shelves for children to easily access. Many toys like dinosaurs, sea and land animals are separated and stored in clear containers. Containers and materials are also labeled for letter recognition and early reading skills. 


We participant in the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Child Care Food Program, the meals served daily meet their nutritional requirements. Our belief is food is the true medicine for our bodies. Providing highly nutritional veggies, fruits and whole grains will help children grow and develop optimally. Offering healthy choices at a young age, will encourage life long habits. We provide wholesome breakfast, morning snack, lunch and afternoon snack. Fresh Fruits and vegetables are served daily. We serve whole grains such as, quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal, whole wheat pasta and toast. Most of the food served is organic or non GMO.  

Through out the spring and summer we grow fresh tomatoes and squash.

If your child follows a vegan or a vegetarian diet, we will do our best to substitute meals.

​If your child has any allergies, we will work with your family to provide your child with a proper and safe diet.